Jan 9, 2020 | Journal


My name is Alexander Wolf, a fantasy writer. I would like to welcome you to my website! Here, I will try to share some of my writings, ideas and thoughts with you.

I write in both English and Hungarian, also I translate from Polish. While mostly writing novels, I am a fan of poetry as well. Therefore, you will find several poems around here too. Mostly my works are in the fantasy genre, but I often write about the dark aspects of life too. However, some of my writings can be viewed as fairy tales. In general, my repertoire has something for everyone. From poetry to drama, from light fantasy through dark, even into some erotic areas.

As a student of History and English, I am in love with literature and culture. Furthermore, I am researching Hungarian mythology and folklore, which to me are fascinating. This serves as a basis to my world, combined with some of the western culture’s elements. One of my goals is to show the world how rich Hungarian mythology can be. However, as of today, it is mostly unknown, and surprisingly sometimes even people from Hungary do not know about their origins or background.

In my stories, the characters are rarely one-dimensional and mostly tragical. I always try to give them a fitting backstory and roots in the world. In addition, I try to give my characters a purpose. To set them on the hero’s journey. With their struggles and fights, through their motives and stories I try to teach something and give value to the readers. At least, I hope I can create something valuable. To be completely honest, my characters’ tragic fate mostly comes from my own life.

About my world, I can only say that it is a living-breathing realm, which exist outside of the stories. This means, I created it independently from the stories, and they are only placed in it. I could say, that I carefully planted these stories into a fertile soil. However, both are very important, and together they create the greater picture. 

About myself, well I can not say very much. I lost my mother when I was a child, and my family had went through many dark years. In my struggles, I have always found sanctuary within books and video games from the cruel world. As a result, I love reading fantasy, and I have always loved to use my fantasy to create fascinating stories, even as a child. This had grown with me. My passion is to write these stories. Also, I like to draw, but I am not very good at it. This, more or less, stayed as a hobby.

With this website, I aim to share my writings and thoughts with you. I plan on blogging about topics related to writing, the fantasy genre, mythology, and so on… I hope you will enjoy your time here!