A drop of philosophy

Feb 7, 2021 | Journal

There are theories about life being just a dream. These theories describe this scenario in many different ways. Some even go a bit further and answer many arising questions, but others do not.

First of all, if there is a dreaming state, then we can distinguish between dreaming and not dreaming. However, we can never say for sure, which state is which. When you are awake, you are truly sure that this is reality. However, when you are dreaming, you are sure that it is reality. And only when you wake up you realise that it was only a hoax. So where does the truth hide?

In other terms or paradigms, this can be translated to the matrix, or simply that we live in a virtual reality, a kind of simulation.

Second, a very important question is that “who is the dreamer?”. Are “we” the dreamers? For example, there is a theory that we are only brains in jars (originating from Gilbert Harman). This theory at least answers, that our brains are creating this dream or simulation. But others do not specifically state it.

If we take the plot of The Matrix then our answer would be “us” but within a virtual environment made for us. On the other hand, if we only go with the spiritual views, we could say that this dream is within God, or created by God. In addition, we could say that God is dreaming all of this. Or another scenario could be that we are merely a thought of the Creator.

Other theories say that this is only a dream of the self. Of one person. Nevertheless, this theory is centred around the self. Which is lacking in explanation about factors, of who are the other people in this dream. Can this be a collective dream? Dreamt by a group of people? Alternatively, if we return to the plot of The Matrix, then a kind of multiplayer virtual reality? Or, if we go further in this, I could even say that each of us is playing a different “game” and thus experiencing life and things differently. Moreover, when we “die”, in case of game over, we just go on to launch the next game… And now, there is another explanation for “reincarnation”.

Almost every theory states or at least suspect the existence of another plain or reality, where the Dreamer is located, or simply existing. We can even theorise or suggest that the universe itself is only a particle in another being. Also, in this scenario we can rule out God itself, we are just little atoms building up something far bigger than us.

There are different layers to this, and at the moment none of these question and theories could be proved or disproved. Maybe in the future.

These are interesting topics to just think about, play with your brain. There is no point in stressing about or going too deep within them, because what if it is true or not? No one is able to change anything about it.