A poem by Aldus

Jan 20, 2021 | Translation

While I was working on the Hungarian translation of the Witcher: The Wedding premium module, I found a little poem, which is recited by Aldus, also most likely the author of it, during the wedding of Geralt and Triss. Aldus’ character is an aspiring poet, with good intentions, but he still has much to learn regarding poetry. However, his poem conveys some important messages. Since, it is not a very long piece, but a very beautiful one, I have decided to share it with you.
However, the original Polish nor the English versions are not my work, so unfortunately, I will not be able to share them with you, dear reader. But I can point you towards the sources and the original texts.

The Wedding premium module is already available in English and Polish. Later this year (2021) it will get an update, with the Hungarian translation written by me, and with a full Polish dubbing. This wonderful project is made possible by Ifrit and eLeR Creative. (eLeR Creative is responsible for the update and the Polish voice-over.)

Ifrit created the original module, which was then featured in the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher. So you do not have to download it from an external site. However, I provided every official links, to give credit for the original writers of the poem and the story.

Personally, I loved the story and this little fun gameplay. I laughed a lot both while playing and while translating it. Also, working on it was a wonderful experience.
Hope you will like it! Enjoy!

You can find the Hungarian version here:

Below you will find the links associated with the module: