About the Western Plague

Apr 8, 2020 | Journal

I am very much aware of the western society’s behaviour regarding pieces of literature, movies, video games, music and several other artworks…

But here I would like to clarify; that I won’t apologise to or reply to any of these accusations, let alone change anything in my works, regarding these subjects.

I am not racist, nor any kind of hater. What I write, I write for entertainment and to provide some knowledge; also different perspectives. I aim to teach and give something to the world. With this show respect to others, and this is what I expect in return. My views or works are often controversial in topics.

Critics are very important regarding any form of work or art, because it enables the creator to advance and improve. Both negative and positive critics are welcome, as long as they remain respectful and progressive.

Please, if you do not like my works, then do not ruin it for others.