Andurile: A Village to Remember

Apr 20, 2020 | Dark Fantasy, Drama

– A Village to Remember –


* The sun was high in the sky… A colourful village full of joy and life. *


A valley of joy and happiness. It was truly enchanted, between snowy peaks there laid a flourishing green valley. And in there between the hiding and protecting circle of trees was a village, Hessen…

* The market of the village was busy and loud, children were playing all around and maidens chatted. All were happy… *

I remember it all. I used to play with my fellow lasses; we roamed the forests and the hills and vales… No one could have been happier than I was back then. Both my father and my mother were simple folk; I grew up on fairy tales and books. I liked the tales of elven knights saving imprisoned princesses and stories of majestic and mythical sorceresses; I envied their powers and beauty… I wanted to study, to go to the great city of the realm, the capital of the Elven Kingdom, the Crystal City… But fate was cruel to me.


* Andurile is helping her mother with the hose chores. She sweeps the floor and does the washing while her mother is cooking. *

We were simple folk, with simple traditions and customs. I could not even dream of such things, because it would never happen. I was not the most beautiful lass nor the most popular in the village, I used to keep to my books, I liked to be alone walking in the green forest. I liked to bath in sunlight. I always helped my parents, did honourable work…

She was special in her way, other may did not see it until it was too late.


* The whole forest baths in light. Andurile is enjoying her time there. Walking carelessly. *

I loved the life I lived. I loved the little village in the green valley between snowy mountains.

On one very nice day I went out to pick some herbs and flowers. I wanted to help our herbalist at the time, wanted to study a bit. It was a good day.

* Andurile is picking up blue and white mushrooms, avoiding to touch any of the green and red ones. Then moves toward other herbs and bushes. *

She was sedulous. Always wanted to help. She was clever and shy. But most importantly, happy.


* We start in Andurile’s little bedroom, she is sitting in front of the mirror. *

I was looking at myself. Combing my hair. I was a simple lass. I could not think highly of myself, could not see the beauty…

She had long reddish brown hair, reaching the middle of her back. Her eyes like crystal lakes, as blue as the sky above us. She was slim and had all elements to be considered beautiful. But she could not see herself that way, could not think about this. She thought less about herself than what was in her…

I was nearing an age where elves chose their mates, a simple custom, but I custom I was not found of. I could not see myself beautiful and so I thought why anyone else would choose me. So I ran away.


* During the cover of the night a young lass is running through the forest. *

I thought I can escape my fate. But I made a mistake… A grim one at that.

* A creek was crossing the forest. The moonlight shined on the wet pebbles. It was not wide or deep, but its water was fresh and icy cold. *

I slipped and fell into the little creek, hit my head on one of the stones, losing my consciousness.

* Morning came, and she just laid there. Villagers had come to look for her. *

She was as cold as death when the villagers found her. Almost lost the grip of life. But her spirit was strong.

They saved me that day, but soon, I fell ill.


* The scene opens at the little room, Andurile is lying in her bed, her mother is holding a wet cloth to her head. *

I had fever. My mother tried to help me, they asked the herbalist to mix potions for me, to cure me, but was in vain. It seemed I will never recover.

She was at the edge of death and life. A slim blade, trying to find balance…

I remember my mother crying, also my father whom I have never seen crying before…

Mother: Oh! My sweet child… Why is this happening to us? Just recover…

Father: There is no way to lose our little flower… Not like this…

At that moment memories of my childhood, came to me, I saw the colourful village, the joy of children. I heard they titter. I saw a busy market, full of people, happy lads and young maidens. I heard the chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees. The life in the forever green forest. The smiles of the flowers, the smell of the trees. The song of birds and little spirits between the leaves. I was jumping and running in the forest, animals were around me. Then I realised I am sleeping, it could not have been reality ever again.


* The dark sheet of darkness wrapped the village like a blanket. *

Then the monster came… A vampire, as ancient as time itself.

I felt fear running along my spine, fear like no other. For reasons I know not he spared me. He cured me and gave me a gift. With it came power and a chance. But it was a curse as well…