Andurile: Not a Fairy Tale

Mar 20, 2020 | Dark Fantasy, Drama

– Not a Fairy Tale –


* The moon was full at that night. Lunar light covered the city. *


Between the roofs of the city a shadow lurks.

* A lovely pair is walking down in a dark alley. The lovers hold each other’s hand; the woman nestles up to the man. They are walking slowly down into the night. *

A shadow was watching them. Lovers, those whom are destined to live happily ever after. The woman seemed innocent, wearing a white dress.

* The monster jumps. *

Then the shadow jumps on them from above. It grabs the man and bites into his neck sucking out life itself. The woman could not scream in her terror, she could not take out what monster could lurk in the dark. She tried to flee, but slipped. Terrified she just closed her eyes waiting for the end…

* The monster hesitates. Just looking at the clean white dress. *

Nothing happened. Suddenly the shadow left. Upon seeing the innocent woman in her white dress, the monster saw something in her what was lost to it ages ago… She was left untouched, but horror made a nest inside her. Her husband lay there lifeless, with eyes of glass, even his soul was taken.

Andurile: But my tale does not begin here. I was once an innocent lass, just like that woman in her white dress… A very long time ago in a distant land… But that was taken away.


* Andurile is standing atop the rooftop. Watching the dark city. *

She was looking at her pray, the unknowing and peaceful silent city. Where people slept their sweet dreams. This was one of her darker days, but even that did not last forever.