Apr 29, 2022 | Translation

I have the honour to announce that thanks to eLeR Creative Studio, the 1.3 version of The Witcher – Entrapped has been released, including the Hungarian version of the module, which was directly translated from Polish by me! (Download links in the description!)

It was an honour to work with the great team of eLeR Creative once again, this time on a very intriguing project.

Allow me to summarize the background of the adventure. Entrapped was written and created by Adam “Fantasta” Dukszto in 2009 for a competition announced by CD Projekt Red. The adventure proved to be a great success and soon became one of the players’ favourite adventures. The module works with interesting solutions and proves to be interesting throughout the entire story. This might be the reason why it received its first dubbing and music around 2012/2013. However, the possibilities at the time were not very favourable towards the adventure in this respect, and many players criticized Geralt for his voice. Now, however, thanks to the eLeR Creative Studio, the adventure has been enriched with a new Polish dubbing, made by professional and dedicated voice-actors. In the role of Geralt is Adam Żejmo, who is already well known and loved from Masquerade.

The adventure is rather short, but more complicated in terms of story, which can be replayed multiple times and in many different ways. Geralt drops right in the middle of a dangerous investigation, longing for nothing more than to finally rest after a long journey. And to quote Fantasta’s own words:

“In the beginning, there was chaos. My first thought was too bold to be carried out. It was supposed to be a post-apocalyptic game, not having much in common with The Witcher: radioactive fallout, a desolate world, with a lonely hero traversing between deserted settlements; the toxicity bar was meant to indicate radiation sickness, and the storyline would change with each new game and each player interaction. However, this idea had to be abandoned and I had to focus on creating something that had a greater chance of implementation, in other words, an adventure using the interface, the already available models and locations from The Witcher. So the radiation turned into acid rain – an area spell, which trapped everyone who arrived in the village at the wrong time. The second, important story element that starts the entire quest is finding the innkeeper’s body. The third important element is the disappearance of the villagers. Geralt is entrapped, he has to escape, and find answers to the questions of who killed the innkeeper and where the villagers are; these are the hinges on which the whole plot is held. Additionally, the player unfolds the story of Andre and the women from the inn one after another.”

The gameplay tries to take advantage of The Witcher’s strengths and mechanics. We can go through the story in several ways, encountering different combat and skill mechanics during the given journeys. However, Fantasta placed great emphasis on very intriguing investigation and clever puzzles. My humble recommendation is that everything is worth reading very carefully, because the answers, even if very tricky, are there in front of our eyes. The adventure carefully builds the atmosphere, everything has its place and time. With this, the story manages to be successfully serious and funny in the right moments. Anyone with a keen eye will notice that the work deals with very serious themes that would simply fit into the theatre concerning society. However, there are also exciting fights and a few more comical side missions for players to immerse themselves into the story and the world.

There is one more interesting detail that I would like to share with you: the plot of the side-quest within the city is loosely based on Fantasta’s amateur film titled Czy można z powrotem do czerni i bieli? (Alternative English title: Back to Black and White, Please?) made in 2001. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/Hcr7bNrg5IU

The trailer of Entrapped: https://youtu.be/Bz3d9OfadfA

Happy gaming!

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