Guidance of the Wind

May 25, 2023 | Journal, Literature, Poetry

Of Rest

Rest now under golden leaves.
Stay and leave your worries behind,
for the time of peace is the true preparation for war.

Warm is the light of the campfire;
soothing is the cold drink in the mug;
but rest only comes for those that deserved it.

Of Guiding Winds

Wind guides the careful and the careless,
but only the careful can keep steering the wheel.
Fly high above the clouds on Wings graciously granted.

Of Golden Rays

May the new light bring you spring
and may the old fade into oblivion.
So kneel and pray on the Golden Hill!

Feel the unending warmth of the bond.
Build a blessed home,
to live a life in loving peace.

By Golden Rays shining
be blessed in your naked belief.
Standing humbled upon fertile fields.