Hungarian Translation of “Fight of the Century”

Oct 29, 2020 | Translation

While I was working for Łukasz “eLeR” Rębisz on the “Witcher: Masquerade”, I came upon a short story written by Adam “Fantasta” Dukszto. This was the “Fight of the Century”. An untold episode in the life of Geralt of Rivia. A finely written story, mainly for the premium module “Masquerade”. However, the English translation is not written by me, so I cannot share it with you on my site, but you can found it on the links below. Although, I can provide to you the Hungarian version, which I translated from Polish for you. The whole story is written with heart and remains true to the soul of the Witcher Saga.

I got the permission form “eLeR” and “Fantasta” to share my Hungarian translation of this little novella with you, so here you go:

I aim this to be a little tease for those who are interested in the world of the Witcher, and urge them to try The Witcher: Masquerade premium module. It is created with great care and you will not be disappointed. The whole module is voiced by Polish voice actors. It is a finely crafted story with multiple endings. A mystery to solve.

Here are the links where you can reach the English (and many other) version of The Witcher: Masquerade

Have fun!