Legend of the Birch

Jan 26, 2020 | Fantasy, Literature, Poetry

Surrounded by snowy mountains,
And a deep dark alley,
With the fresh water of the fountains…
In a long forgotten valley

There stood a lonely,
Ever blooming tree…
With one flower only.
Glowing just a wee.

It possessed a little soul,
Of one’s whom long gone.
A little droplet to make the land whole.
To wake the spirits, to see dawn…

‘Tis the tree of the Moon,
Of the Goddess who watches,
Who roams the endless dune…
In nothing but swatches…

Torn from her realm,
She chose herself,
To lead, to be the last helm,
To pass into the book on the shelf…

The Goddess of The Moon,
She, whom refused to be chained,
Sang the ancient rune!
‘O she who pained…

She was loving,
She was caring…
The embers are glowing,
Forever in her caring heart…

So she wept her gold-en tears,
For her lover whom left long ago,
To fight the war o’… passing years…
Just to feel the cold of the snow…

She wept, she wept,
Her golden tears of sorrow,
There she wept, there she wept,
Where warriors found morrow…

O’ the tears,
Her golden tears,
Just became
Beautiful flame…

Once settled,
Those became ambers.
To suit the Wind, whom’ nettled.
Her golden tears became ambers…

Those ambers were keys,
To gates of Ancients,
To realms of green trees,
To the world of the gods…

When she fled,
Those unbearable chains,
She didn’t look back,
Just to run ahead…

Her wolves do come,
After every battle,
To bring their prey,
Souls of the dead, their cattle…

Her wolves bring them home,
Her wolves help them cross,
To save them from the roam,
To help them across!

In ev-ery inn,
Fires dance,
As it has always been
To give a chance.

Those wolves,
Who gather around,
The ancient tree,
Who gather to redeem themselves…

She chose this place,
To gather her children.
The Moon ends the Chase,
But she remains hidden…

The Birch still stands,
Up until this day…
Long forgotten lands,
Have become gray…

Fair was the day,
When the mistress roamed,
Back there was no gray,
Because there she roamed.

She still cares,
Forever loves,
To sing her tears
To those she loves.

With open arms,
She welcomes us,
After we laid down arms,
When Death Comes for us…

After the last battle…
She lulls us into the endless sleep,
So we do not face it alone,
So we do not die alone…

So we may not fear death,
That’s why we fight,
To never turn away,
But to be wise…

Let the flames dance,
Let the night fall,
Catch the glance
And heed the call!


This is how the Birch stands,
As a symbolic sign,
Of the Goddess,
Of the Ancient Moon…
Who watches over us,
And that is why we fight…
To find Honour in ‘our ways!