Myth of the Ancient Forge

Feb 10, 2021 | Fantasy, Poetry

In a long forgotten age,
Where ancient gods dwelled,
Where wars were no plague,
There the silver grass sweetly smelled.

The World was born by the Dawn
Melted, formed and forged.
Moons to dance were drawn
On skies by mystic stars gorged.

This was the Era of Creation,
O’ magic and melody of souls…
This was the age of formation,
Great dances performed sole.

Time never existed,
Lands have never been divided,
Fates yet to be twisted.
Where sweet melody guided…

For great Worlds were created,
From burning, sparkling dance…
And ancient elements mated,
Oceans and lands, ensued thence…

From the Blacksmith’s material, silver of springs,
Tiny drops of light, with life whereabouts…
By sweet spring’s caress, what the water brings,
With soil arisen from the dance, life sprouts.