The Fox

Mar 2, 2020 | Fantasy, Literature, Poetry

Amber eyes
And amber fur,
Under the skies
None opposed her.

Free and careless,
Lady of the Forest,
Her eyes tearless.
Hers was the Forest.

Beautiful was she,
Untamed soul,
Strong was she,
But burning like coal…

In her eyes,
You could see,
The tears of skies,
The flaming tree…

She missed her love,
So lonely,
The skies pained above,
For her only.

Hers was the Forest,
She howled,
Cried for the Forest,
She howled.

Yet no answer came…
Pain was in her amber eyes,
Her soul set aflame…
For her cried the skies…

There she stood,
With a burning soul,
There she stood,
Burning like coal.

Yet she endured,
Tamed the flames,
She was cured,
With her own flames.

Her beautiful soul,
Her golden heart,
The burning coal,
The amber heart.

Her amber eyes,
Crying for love,
Raining skies,
Weeping above.

Swift she was,
Running through in her forest,
Strong she was,
Chasing in her forest…

Amber eyes
And amber fur,
Under the skies
None opposed her.

Untamed beauty,
Amber heart,
Calling duty,
Of the Forest’s Heart.

She protected,
Her own domain,
Till she broke her chain.

There she stood,
With her tamed flames,
There she stood,
Enduring the pains…

She has risen above,
Her own mistakes,
But she could not fall in love,
For she cried lakes…

Her amber heart,
Her amber soul,
The lonely part,
Of her beautiful soul…