The Thief

May 29, 2023 | Literature

Alas! My heart sank at the thought of stolen emotions. Lies may hurt too deeply the just and the one whose love is the truest. Yet I endure for now…

My journey led to the pond of ancient waters – endure the soothing waters, and pain is taken away… by that grace of yours – where love prevails to bear fruit.

And behold! Restored, I will keep you in my arms till hours fade. Hug you, kiss you. My only need, my sole desire – just to be with you – to feel the beat of your bosom’s chamber. And to rest in the deep embrace of your sanctuary.

Yet I am a thief – not a liar, not here to hurt, yet, never fully there to be, but to take you. Princes among people, among the little, like tall figures stand menacingly against the dark sky. For woe is the doom of the poor that is dragged by even the lightest of the broken branches. And that I am, poor by the terms of wealth and broken by once precious bonds. Tempered and forged in the dirt of the cruel world. There, nearly as orderly as law, I hurt the same way the heart pounding in me was shattered.

The gallows is a reward oft earned by choosing an easy path, but no matter how hard the other one seems, it is better to live with honour and intact reputation. Nevertheless – mine only reward will be the rope, or the henchmen’s axe… My chosen path was my free decision – the path of love and doom to steal that jewel of yours out through the open window of your heart’s nightly chamber.