The Western Plague

May 19, 2020 | Journal

During the last few years, there was a noticeable change in the society of the western world. Sadly, I can not say that it was for the best, since instead of providing common ground it widened the already existing cracks and further divided the people in newly created problems. In fact, these problems did not really existed at all, until people whom wanted fame for themselves made them to be problems.

The changes and shifts mostly appeared in society, looming over common sense and decency like a shadow. People started to be called out on and accused of things that they did not do. And with the fracturing of society our culture slowly started to sink and fall with it.

Nowadays it pains the concerned soul when one looks upon the state of the world. People are being called racist, homophobic, sexist, supremacist or fascist and many-many other names left and right… without a reason; mostly just for being decent or applying common sense. Those making the calls are not even familiar with the meaning of most words. They were filled and fed with propaganda. Nevertheless, here I shall not fall into my own sword. I have to at least try to understand them or raise a good point from their side, to remain neutral. Because I do not intend to attack either side. In today’s world, where media is not truly honest, and mostly misleading; used only by political factions to control the crowd; also with a faulty schooling system it is hard to understand and distinguish propaganda from truth and scientific facts. This also raises the question of trusting any form of media nowadays. Today we can see the outcome of decades of brainwashing through television and education. We were trained to be sheep, or common mindless soldiers of the state following orders. In this grand orchestrated scheme, we can call civil war or just a fractured society against each other’s throats, the only winners are not us the people, but those whom just watch from above and profit from the age of stupidity. We have our focus set elsewhere and thus cannot see the greater picture. Fighting the windmill like always.

The social decline drags the culture with it. Books, stories, movies, any form of art, even videogames that most of the time get accused with the aforementioned titles, are becoming shallow. They no longer represent values or raise truly important questions, only focusing on pleasing one side or an other, or trying to appeal everyone and failing in it. Instead of focusing on what truly matters or giving an opportunity for the audience to improve themselves, not to mention to create and tell a story about a well written character with its development… Nowadays there are problem creators, not content creators…

A few words on critics: Criticizing any form of art based on our own believes on race or sexuality is just wrong. Meaning that calling something bad, because of the lack of racial diversity, when it is set in a predefined historical time period or based on someone’s cultural heritage is not a valid point. Critics are very important if done right, and essential. They are part of the process, allowing the creator to improve. Also a tool to express our opinion and perhaps engage in a progressive discussion. It can bring light to problems, mistakes or misunderstandings on both sides. However, without the right mind-set, it is impossible. We cannot reach people whom are closed off from the world or refuse to hear out the other side. Thus, there are groups within the society that can only see or accept one sided opinions and hostile against any other ones, especially those whom criticize them.

The media’s goal nowadays is not to provide information, to provide knowledge that leads to becoming something more; is not to give you something to think on, but the very opposite! To stop you from thinking, to stop you from advancing. They want the people to focus on petty problems, thus distracting everyone from seeing the greater picture.

It is the most important thing to defend the right of free speech. Never to give penalty to anyone expressing their opinion. I want to defend everyone’s right to free speech, not just mine, or those who agree with me. No! I want to defend it for everyone, even for those who hate me for my opinion, even for those snowflakes whom advocate for laws against hate speech (which is a made up term, and totally undefinable). Because it is the worst, we can do, to give up our right to the government to decide what is right to say and what is not. It will take away our ability to give voice against decisions that threaten us…

Today is an age where individuality, common sense and intellectual diversity (skills and practical understanding included) are overlooked and most likely thrown out through the window just to appeal some people, and instead including different races and people with a wide range of sexuality is more important. Which is stupid! To be honest it is just as racist or sexist, because all you do is filling a quota, checking off the boxes on a list. (Because calling a man white based on one’s skin is just as racist as calling others blacks or Asians… Or calling a white man criticizing an Asian film for only featuring Asians… When non-existing “minorities” call out little things or made up problems, they are praised to Heavens, but at the moment a white man calls out a serious problem the lynch mob jumps on him in an instant.) Do you see the double standards now?

Today we live in a world, where someone’s race or sexuality defines their personality. Individuality is lost within the chants of the mob. And the mob’s bloodlust never leads to any good outcome. As a society we need to learn how to listen to each other; we need to be able to see the other side of the conversations, and then admit if we are not in the right.

For some people reality feels too hard, and unbearable. If it is too harsh for you, then first you must work on yourself. No one can expect anyone to respect him or her out of sight. If you start blaming others for your own problems and not solving them on your own, you will not receive anything good on the long run. Only one can solve one’s problem. Respect is not given easily, it needs to be earned.

Through hard work and dedication, we can rebuild our society and save our culture from sinking with it. We need to grow up and face the consequences.