“The Witcher – Farewell of the White Wolf” Announcement:

Nov 19, 2021 | Journal, Translation

Dear Witcher fans, it is a great honour to announce that the beloved The Witcher – Farewell of the White Wolf will be receiving a new update in the near future. For the past year, we have worked tirelessly to finally create the Enhanced Edition of this great story, which it has always deserved.

Perhaps, the most important thing for the Hungarian audience is that for them the new version of the full conversion mode will be published under the title: A Witcher – A Fehér Farkas búcsúja. During the translation process, I used the original Polish version to form the basis of the Hungarian text. Therefore, for those who could only play with the English version, the Hungarian version will have some surprises in the pocket.

The update will contain a lot of new stuff for fans. Lately, this great team has been working to cast this last adventure of Geralt, which has proved to be a worthy conclusion to his story, into a shape it has always deserved. The Enhanced Edition will be enriched with new gameplay and dialogues, designed to smooth all threads, while the team aims to give players a more complete and enjoyable experience. Thanks to the expanded content, players will be given more choices for several quests, and as a result of the decisions players may make, the new content can mean 30 minutes of new gameplay.

In addition, work has been going on with the Polish voice-over since May this year, created by talented fans and professional actors. The dubbing is provided by the eLeR Creative group in collaboration with the FotWW team. In the role of Geralt, Adam Żejmo will return, who has excellent talent and has already excelled in the role of the Witcher in The Witcher – Masquerade, among other projects. The creators originally did not plan to create dubbing for the game, but they were convinced by the hard work of the eLeR Creative group. (I will provide links to these videos below.) This great project has resulted in the collaboration of two excellent teams that have allowed several professional and enthusiastic actors to try their voice in the world of The Witcher.

For the time being, I cannot provide you with any specific date regarding the release of the new update, because works on the Polish voice-over and the Enhanced Edition is still in progress. On the other hand, I can assure you all that we do not want to release an unfinished piece of art. So, we aim to polish and work on it for as long as we are a hundred percent sure of it.

It is a great pleasure and an honour for me to work with these two great teams! Cheers!

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