Video Games – Warming Up

Oct 23, 2020 | Journal

The popularity of video games lie in many obvious, but also in some unexpected reasons. Mainly this fascinating world is for everyone. Various video games are widely available and accessible. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, more and more complex and interesting video games can be created, for a wider audience. You can always find the right one for yourself. Like with books or films, games also have different genres and different uses. Some people may want to just chill, have fun with their friends or play competitively. No matter what you prefer there is something out there waiting for you. However, many people do not know that the world of video games is much deeper. In addition, I can say that the true solution of this question lies in there, and you will be surprised in the end.

The only question you have to answer to get started is: what would you look for in a game? It may seem hard to answer this question, especially if someone is not familiar with video games at all; however, the solution is very simple. You only need to use your imagination.

Topics I am going to cover later:

I. Video games are for everyone

II. Mix it up, shake it up, there you have it, the art of video games

III. One medium to rule them all, or what games are capable of that other mediums are not

To sum up and understand why video games got so popular in every generation, we have to answer this question: what do video games provide? Video games work one a wide spectrum. Therefore, there is something for everyone here. Even if you just want to chill, or socialise, or maybe you desire something more deep and cultural. A single video game can provide hundreds or sometimes thousands of playing hours. Moreover, what is more important, something that no other medium can provide…