Why video games are so popular:

Oct 30, 2020 | Journal

The popularity of video games can be found in both obvious and unexpected reasons. First of all, the fascinating world of video games are for everyone. In fact, you can always find the right one for yourself. Second, just like books or films, video games have different genres and purposes. A lot of people are contemptuous regarding them. However, there is more hidden in games than what can be seen on the surface. Moreover, only this medium possesses one unique quality that cannot be found in other pieces of art. Additionally, the main reason of popularity lies in there. In the end, you will be surprised.

            Within the world of video games, everyone can find the right one to play. In fact, various types of games are widely available and accessible. First, to get started in this fascinating world you must answer a little, but very important question: “What would you look for in a video game?”. If you enjoy solving puzzles, or would like to conduct investigations, because you like crime or detective stories there are games to fulfil that fantasy. Furthermore, there are complex and deep stories with multiple, sometimes very complicated choices to make and endings to witness. However, if you only want to relax then there are simpler games to choose from too. You only need to use your imagination and then you will be able to find the right game to satisfy your needs. In addition, there are genres that make social interactions or competitive gameplay possible too. If you want to be part of various communities then you will be able to find opportunities in the right genres. Indeed, video games can be an optional social forum, where you can meet with new people and ignite discussions. Besides, there are video game competitions for those who want to play professionally.

Second, video games are widely available and accessible. Even, if you only have time to play during long journeys. For example, while you are on the bus or train and are bored, games are available on smartphones or portable consoles alike. Moreover, older cell phones had simpler games on them to play as well. Therefore, there is no limit to video games. For instance, if you have a disability of any kind, there are in built helping and accessibility functions. This way, no one is left out of the fun. As a result, you only have to think of a game and it will be there to play.

            Another important factor is that video games are art too. Although, this is a new form of art created by combining the various other already existing forms together. For example, in a complex story based video game, like “The Witcher”, manifests the combination of painting, writing, acting and composing. In fact, a well-written story not only contains dialogues, but finely crafted poems as well. In addition, some video game soundtracks are so well composed that great orchestras often perform them. For example, there is the excellent music of “World of Warcraft”, which is performed by The Danish National Orchestra regularly to the general audience. In addition, thanks to the actors who voice and deliver the characters amazingly in a video game, a living and breathing world can be created. All these combined deliver a new place to escape from the mundane world. Video games provide us with the means to satisfy our needs through one medium at the same time. As a result, video games started to dominate bigger and bigger parts of the cultural palette. Every era has a dominating form of art, which is consumed by the masses, because of various reasons. For example, in Shakespeare’s time the dominating form was drama. Mainly, it was the result of the populace’s need of social interactions combined with cultural experiences. Also, because of the fact that they could not read. However, a play in the theatre could serve as a solution. Therefore, Shakespeare wrote dramas, because he knew that people could replace reading books with watching dramas being performed by actors. This way the values could be transferred to them. Through a form they could understand. This is the same with video games, because the greater needs of cultural and stimulus rich environments can only be properly satisfied through them.

            Video games have a unique quality and capability that no other medium has. This key element is the highest level of human interaction, which then affects the storytelling or the overall experience itself. First of all, the ability to change and make decisions during the gameplay. For example, this can mean the changing of the game’s world around yourself or the flow and direction of the story. In contrast to a book or a film, where you cannot interact with the characters nor make decisions in their steads, while in a video game you can even change the conclusion of the plot. Second, this human interaction can present the greatest barrier a player has to overcome. In fact, this can be a serious punishment for a player, in case of failing. Failure means that you cannot continue with the story. However, this presents an opportunity to get better and smarter. In order to overcome this barrier, the player has to figure out the solution, or adapt to the situation. And here lies the greatest secret of video games and why they are so popular. As a result, overcoming these barriers will give the player the feeling and experience of success.

To sum up, video games are widely accessible and available for everyone. In addition, everyone can find the right one to play, which suits the needs of the person. Be it cultural or material. In fact, a single video game can offer over hundreds of hours of game time. Furthermore, games present a new level of culture and entertainment that possesses a valuable and unique ability. All in all, the secret of why video games are becoming more and more popular in every generation, lies in this little but very important factor, the highest level of human interaction. As a result, in feeling and experiencing success, which everyone desires in life.